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Every day I deal with music production and the production and sale of fresh samples or old school samples. So I would like all music producers and DJ’s and welcome set of samples of my copyright. Made every effort to sample sounded good, because they are done for my clients, but I can share them elsewhere on the internet and it’s free!

DJ SAMPLES – Pack #1

free samples,lucidsamples

Size Р1 750+ free sounds and loops.
Type – Sounds, Loops
Producer – Lucid
Site –



83 BPM RnB Loops (5), 140 BPM Techno Loops (16), 140 BPM Trance Loops (11), Hard Effects (10), Hits (1), Reverbkicks (10), Sounds (10), 128 BPM House Chords (6), 140 BPM Techno Loops (13), Bass Sounds (7), Keys (8), Pads (1), Scratch (4)


Using Samples in your favourite music software:

1. See many tutorials on youtube

2. See Help

3. Read my general tips below.


Tips for beginners:

1. Use VST Plugins to add Effects (delays, reverbs, chorus, flanger, distortion, filters etc.).

2. Use ADSR parameters  (attack, decay, sustain, release) to adjust the sound to the mix.

3. Experiment with pitch and time.

4. Arpeggiators are cool.

5. Use automation.

6. Professional original samples are often better than processed equalizer.

7. Use only pro-sounding samples and loops!

8. Are You create samples for yourself? Regularly compare their sound with other professional sounds.

9.  Listen to your favorite songs and take feedback about the quality of the sound.

10. Take breaks at work, to maintain objectivity.

11. Find the mass of tips, tricks and tutorials on the internet


To broaden the possibilities of using samples recommend the following VST plugins. Describe six reverb plug-ins, 5 plugins delay, 3 arpeggiators, useable simultaneously. Some plug-ins are free and also worth recommending, I put links to download party manufacturers.


VST Reverbs

– Aether 2CAudio Algorithmic Reverb


This vst plugin described at the outset, because it is freshest in my collection vst reverb, and reverb at the same time it is a promising promising for the future in my work. It was on this plugin, I managed to set the best so far reverb for trance-synths and these leads, and for leads hands up. Reverb that I set here has the advantage that it is and can it be even a lot, but does not interfere with the original sound. I set very flat and long reverberation, which perfectly fills the instrument sound and space. Also set the damping is strong reverberation, which is more selective than the reverb set to the other plug-ins. I am very pleased with the extensive functionality of the reverberation frequency and damping. Plug has a large database of standard presets grouped into appropriate categories.

– Fruity Reeverb

Fruity Reeverb

I always thought about this reverberant “old plug with fruity loops. Holdover.” Prior knowledge of 2CAudio Aether Algorithmic Reverb spent a lot of time against his convictions plug Reeverb Fruity. It became apparent how important a good set of parameters. At this reverberant getting the good results but does not have many features that are in advanced pog?osach. The plugin is quite comfortable to use and learn how to.

– Sonnox Oxford Reverb

Sonnox Oxford Reverb VST

Sonnox Oxford plug-ins are great. Sonnox Oxford Limiter especially – one of the best plugins I know in total. As for the reverb is great, just depends on what. I had a lot of problems with the reverb setting for their needs, but I think this is a great tool for working with sound film for example, to add space sound effects, ambient sounds, etc. For use in ambient climates.

– Waves Trueverb

Waves Trueverb VST

Waves is the brand that practically needs no introduction to anyone who takes a long time music production, digital audio, etc. I recommend Trueverb reverb sounds to create ambience, to create space for film work.

– Waves Rverb

Waves Rverb VST

Another great reverb Waves. I feel that working as a sound designer is more appropriate Trueverb. What was not to recommend this plug-in also, and many of its users.

– Tc Electronic Nonlin2

Nonlin 2

Once upon a time I worked on this plugin, because I ended up using a free period. To use the plugin you must have bought the appropriate hardware. I have a Powercore PCI card installed in your computer. I remember that reverb was really amazing and had a really interesting presets. Allowed to obtain the characteristic sound cinematic. Ideal for working with sound, film sound effects, adding space, building surroundings, an exclusive reverb vst for sound designers.


VST Delays

– NastyDLA (Variety Of Sound)

NastyDLA delay

Classic Chorus echo with tape delay device simulation – bugfix release for all issues related chorus

Download here:

– Twin Delay (Rhythm Lab)

Twin Delay VST

Sounds good, and it’s free! Twin Delay is a digital and analog emulation echo.

Download here:

– Myosis Psychodelay

Psycho Delay Plugin

PsychoDelay shifter is a tape delay That allows you to insert some weird effects into the feedback loop.

– Fruity Delay Bank

Delay plugin

He has a very strange presets, a custom and not very useful to apply them to musical instruments and synthesizers, unless this is experimental music, or want to create sound effects. However, you can actually unscrew the plug on this very selective echo sounding, which does not distort the original sound, and add space. Only need to create your own presets. Personally, I created this plugin for a few presets, which are suitable for selective modern sound. Plug has a lot of custom features and a lot of possibilities to create an echo in the various types of filters. Characteristic for Fruity Delay Bank is a possibility of setting eight lines echo reflections on each echo can be set quite different parameters, both primary feedback, gain, pan, and those custom parameters and filters.

– G-Sonique Dubmaster Liquid Delay

Liquid Delay

Great evocative echo of my psy trance. Rather, it is not a plugin for universal use, but a great tool for manufacturers of musical genres. Try it yourself.


VST Arpeggiators

– 7Aliens Catanya

Arpeggiator VST

Its advantage is the possibility to build entire patterns, that is, combining the typical arpeggiator along with the chords. It has in a very large stock presets, and it looks cool.

– Arto Vaarala Kirnu

Arpeggiator Plugin

How do I know the philosophy of the arpeggiator, this plugin can be a powerful tool in your hands. For this is a nice design.

– CK Interactive Modules And VST Arpeggiator Pattern

Pattern Arpeggiator

Great vst arpeggiator for building patterns